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Sinh Hak Hout Inc. is one of the leading home improvement centers in Cambodia. Starting from just a 50-square-meter retail space in 1999, we have expanded our current operations into a 1400-square-meter showroom, with a second showroom on the way. Our key to success is based on an understanding of our customers’ needs, and close attention to upholding the standard of quality our customers expect – a stylish, comfortable, and affordable space for their home and workspace. With this knowledge, our purchasing team has traveled all over the world to search for products that meet our customers’ demands. Whether you need only a simple showerhead or a completely automated steam-room, we have what you need. Whether you’re looking for one square meter or 10,000 square meters of ceramic tile, we provide it here. Whether you’re just remodeling one room or building a 10-story apartment building, we can provide the kind of quantity and service you need. Our sales team is always ready to serve you here at Sinh Hak Hout.

Mission & Vision
Our staff is dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs.

Our purchasing team is continuously sourcing products from all over the world to meet our customers’ three desires for their home and workspace: stylish, comfortable, and affordable.

Our sales team works hard to provide excellent service and fantastic support to our customers.

Our vision is to become the number one Cambodian home improvement center, offering a wide range of products and services to meet our clients’ five signature lifestyles: Elegant, Modern, Romantic, Explorer, and Vintage.