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Given the Cambodian economic growth mainly in the area of financial sector then our Japanese shareholders has decided to contribute its capital to invest in this area. MFJ comprises several financial experts both international and local levels to serve its customers. Highly skilled and in-depth Management Team with a plentiful products and services will bring MFJ to be an outstanding MFI in Cambodia. MFJ is legally registered Institution at MOC on 30 April 2015, got a license from National Bank of Cambodia on 02 February 2015, and registered at the General Department of Tax on 4 July 2015. MFJ is currently operating its products including

-       Personal Loan
-    Electronic & Furniture Loan
-       Motorcycle Loan
-       Car Loan
-       Business Loan
-       Housing Loan

We actually have a sufficient resources to satisfy our customer’s need. In fact, our business operation bases on the principals of INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY and FAIR COMPETITION


   -  To be the Listed-MFI in Cambodia Securities Exchange, and the First-Choice Financial Institution
    for customers and shareholders.

To be partners of growth for our customers and shareholders. We will achieve this through:

   -To provide plentiful financial services with professionalism, high responsibility, and legality.-       
   -To meet customer’s satisfactory need​​ through our financial services. -       
   -To promote the Cambodian livelihood to contribute to poverty reduction, social responsibilities, 
   and economic​ development.