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Founded in 2006, ICSC Corporation provides comprehensive web development and e-marketing solutions, especially on Web-based platform. We focus on designing advanced online presence campaigns combining corporate graphic design, programming, content authoring, and search engine marketing.

ICSC has the experienced expert team that are trained from credible universities in Vietnam and developed foreign countries. With the philosophy of keeping learning and applying knowledge flexibly in reality, we always bring to our clients best services and solutions with the resonable costs on purposed of building trust and last relationship with customers.  

Whenever you need a partner or organization who is able to create excellent website, experienced in building e-commerce systems or developing Web-based applications, we are always available for you.

Our Mission, Values & Credo

We always try our best to provide high-quality technical products and services with the purpose of contributing to the security and development of communities in the world. It is highly believed that following moral standards is necessary to reach the goal of the company and the goal of each individual.


  • We always attach special importance to the provision of best services and solutions based on innovative applications in science and technology.
  • We undertake to go beyond customer expectations for quality and customer response with reasonable time and expense.
  • We maintain highest standards for moral behaviors and integrity in the working environment.
  • We recruit employees who have creativity, professional knowledge and dedication to the work and customers.
  • We always pursue the technology development and the diversified market to increase the value of products for customers and provide more opportunities for our staff.
  • We encourage the professional and objective working environment to contribute to the development of the company.


The way we achieve our mission is as important as the mission itself.  Here are the core values of ICSC:

  • Accountability: We have responsibility to account for what we do and what we cannot do. At ICSC, all employees shall be responsible for their actions. We know that all intentions, statements and results relate to each other  and this is the key factor in serving customers successfully.

  • Integrity: Morality and integrity are the guideline for every action at ICSC. Refusing to compromise with matters related to working principles plays an important role in maintaining ICSC’s credibility.

  • Respect: We respect characteristics that make each employee stand out. Every staff is respected for the variety in skills, experiences and opinions. We always focus on and expect to see the best of our employees.

  • Responsibility: ICSC take seriously own responsibility. ICSC accepting any critical situation and for solution we will meet for surpass our liability.

  • Trust: We always put our trust in all staff at the company, in their effort and dedication. At ICSC, trust is the core key in leadership. With careful and specific actions, ICSC’s leaders achieve the trust from employees as well as from our customers.


As ICSC Employee, we are responsible for quality of products and services contributing as well as high security throughout world. We make high believe on customer and employees for requisite to achievement of our corporate goal:

Our commitments with as follows:

To Our Customers:

  • We shall place the highest priority on the quality, time, and competitive advatage for our products and services.

  • We shall pursue our objectives with commitment to the integrity and professional standards.

To Our Present and Perspective employees

  • We shall encourage an environment where everybody can share their new ideas, which help us to get the high quality in work

  • We shall treat our employees honestly and fairly; and we shall ensure equal opportunity for development and promotion

  • We shall share the rewards of success with those who contribute most to that success.

To Our Vendors, Suppliers, and Subcontractors:

  • We shall be objective and professional in every business transaction and perform our commitment with customers seriously.

  • We shall cooperate with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors who have high moral standards as well as commit to the quality of their products and services.

To Our Shareholders:

  • We shall conduct our shareholder and daily enhance quality of product and services and always have kept in mind about reputation of our company.

  • Consistent maintain quality of product and services, we shall strive to provide our shareholders a fair return on investment.

  • We perform managing and controling tasks by ourselves to protect and enhance our company’s reputation.

  • We are always determined to perform our commitment, and try our best to bring the highest benefits to our shareholders.

To Our Society:

  • We are responsible citizens who respect law and social standards in every community where we live and work.