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Guang Hong Kitchen Equipment Group, established in China in 1990, is a professional enterprise with 24 years of rich experience in the production of commercial stainless steel kitchen equipment.It holds the leading position in the Chinese kitchen equipment industry. Currently, a number of offices of the Group are set up in foreign countries, with its products and projects spread all over the world.

In 1999, a new branch office was set up in Cambodia with two departments: Guang Hong Iron Group and Guang Hong Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Factory, which brought professional services with global uniform standard of the Group into the Kingdom of Cambodia and became the first comprehensive facilitator for commercial kitchen project in Cambodia.

In 2011, the second branch office in Cambodia – Kwong Tai Hotel Supplies Center grandly opened in response to the need of market development.

Development status

Our company has always been providing optimum service for Cambodian restaurants and hotels based on its superior production equipment, rich experience in production and optimum service concept. Standing at the cutting-edge of the kitchen equipment industry, Guang Hong Kitchen Equipment is highly supported and praised by the majority of users.

In the second half of 2014, we reincorporated the two market resources of “Guang Hong” and “Kwong Tai” by taking the strong and comprehensive strength of the Group Head Office as the support and scale operation as guidelines.

The original “Kwong Tai” market was expanded intothe brand new “Guang Hong Kitchen Equipment” with an exhibition hall area of 600 square meters, which involves more complete categories to sufficiently meet the different demands of various customers.

The original “Guang Hong Iron Group” was transformed into “Guang Hong Kitchen Equipment Outlet” with an area of approximately 200 square meters, where we will fully launch a series of special products at the scheduled time to make small capital entrepreneurs achieve their entrepreneurial dreams more easily.

In addition, our warehouse capacity was also expanded to strengthen the spot supplies strength, of which the total area now is in excess of 2000 square meters.

We have lowered all the costs to benefit customers, make the price more affordable and supply source more sufficient through scale operation.

Three special advantages

1. Multi-brand agent

Our company, based on multi-brand sales agents, has selected China authorized economic operators and premium brands on various categories covering all commercial kitchen equipment and most of the hotel supplies with both economical and high-end luxury grades for customers with different use demands to choose from.

2. Kitchen project

We have created the most professional kitchen project leading enterprises depending on our professional technology, strict management, advanced equipment and abundant comprehensive strength. We have an experienced project team in Cambodia, including project design, marketing, production, installation, after-sales service and other professionals. The restaurant and hotel customers we cooperated are spread all over Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampong Som, and other parts of the country.

We take “Quality Assurance, Professional Service, Customer Satisfaction” as our objective, provide the best possible service for customers with the greatest sincerity, and offer the most timely guarantee for the normal operation of machines and equipment purchased by customers!

3. Imp-eccable after-sales service

To ensure that users in Cambodia can fully enjoy the globally unified standard service provided by Guang Hong Kitchen Equipment Group, we have established an after-sales service department staffed by Chinese professional maintenance technicians to supply delivery, debugging and installation, use training, maintenance and other comprehensive and perfect service for customers. We take “Quality Assurance, Professional Service, Customer Satisfaction” as our objective, provide the best possible service for customers with the greatest sincerity, and offer the most timely guarantee for the normal operation of machine and equipment purchased by customers!

Development vision

With the increasing development of the Cambodia’s economy, the catering industry has a larger demand for high-end grade kitchen equipment, thus there is an extremely bright development prospect for Guang Hong. We intend to expand our three-dimensional sales network by adhering to the principle of “Mutual Benefit, Win-win Result and Common Development” to satisfy the potential demand for customers through service innovation. What’s more, we will constantly create new sales ideas, enlarge wholesale projects by more complete products at the most favorable price, and form a three-dimensional sales network to welcome all dealers to cooperate with our company!

Guang Hong, as a leading enterprise with a long history in the kitchenequipment industry, has brought abundant products and excellent service to the Cambodian market and customers by virtue of excellent technology and professional after-sales service. We will continue to accelerate the pace of self-improvement and promote the development of the Cambodian kitchen equipment industry with more variety and more complete products!

Gas single crepe maker 

Gas single crepe maker 

Gas single crepe maker 
Gas class:LPG
Heation value:21 Mj
Dimension:46 * 54 * 27 CM

Toaster 4 Slicer

Toaster 4 Slicer

Toaster 4 Slicer
Power supply:~220V 50Hz
Power:2.25 kW
Dimension:37 * 24 * 22 CM

Food Mixers LF

Food Mixers LF

N.W.: 18 KG 
Capacity: 5 L     
Voltage: 220 V 
Power: 0.18 KW 
Flour Capacity: 0.5 KG 
Size: 34 * 26 * 47 CM 
RPM(Blender): 636 / 388/ 218 

Commercial Juicer ZJ-1

Commercial Juicer ZJ-1

This melon, fruit and vegetable juicer is ideal for any commercial foodservice operation where fresh juice is served. 
It provides quiet and continuous juice production. The pulp is extracted automatically. Simple and safe to operate, it is easy to dismantle for cleaning.

Blender SH-992 

Blender SH-992 

Blender SH-992 
Sound Insulated Cover Blender
1、2、3、4、5 Speed Mode
Capacity: 1.5L                                     
Noise: ≤80dB(A)                                                                              
Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz                                                                                                            
Dim : 220×215×445 MM                                                                                                                                   
Rotational Speed: 17000 r/min                                                              
Rated Working Period: less than 2 min                                                                                                           
Rated Interval Period: more than 2 min  

Ice Maker SF250

Ice Maker SF250

Ice Maker SF250

Daily Capacity:250kg/day

Bin Capacity:300kg/day




Packing Size:880*750*710mm (ice-making part)    880*1000*1300mm (ice bin part)

Loading Capacity:19pcs/20’, 40pcs/40’

2-Tank 2-basket Gas Fryer

2-Tank 2-basket Gas Fryer

2-Tank 2-basket Gas Fryer
Pilot-flame standby function, with auto temperature control device
Temperature range:160~220℃
Gas consumption:0.382kg/h(PLG)/ 0.635m³/h(NG);

Four Burner Gas Stove

Four Burner Gas Stove

Four Burner Gas Stove
Low pressure regulation valve
Independent oil collecting tray
Detachable grate

Thermal power:25.25Kw
Gas consumption:1.832kg/h(PLG)/ 2.664m³/h(NG);
Burner No.:4


Guang Hong Kitchen Equipment

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