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First Investment Specialized Bank (FISB) is one of only six registered specialized banks in the Kingdom of Cambodia – fully authorized to issue loans – fixed and overdraft loans -- to small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Since beginning its operation in October 2005, FISB has grown exponentially in assets and clientèle, paving the way to continued growth and services for the future.


First Investment Specialized Bank was incorporated with the Ministry of Commerce on June 6, 2005, after receiving a specialized banking license from the National Bank of Cambodia. Under the chairmanship of His Excellency Neak Okhna Huot Vanthan, FISB has become an integral part of the Cambodian banking sector by providing loan services to virtually all levels of civil society – from rural farmers to city dwelling businessmen.

Year 2006 saw FISB begin a public relations campaign to introduce the Bank to the Cambodian people. The Bank published and distributed promotional materials and continued the push to build an image of trust and quality to their growing customers. A year transpired where the focus for 2007 saw vigorous efforts to strengthen internally with the various organizational department in loans, accounting, cashier, customer service and IT.

As FISB approaches its monumental third year of operation, the shareholders and the board of directors of FISB declared their intention to increase FISB's capital to $12 million to keep the financial supply sustainable at the present favorable Cambodian economic situation.

Vision & Strategy for the Future

As Cambodia's economy matures, so will the Bank's strategy to provide loan services to reflect the current economic trends and practices. The Bank recognizes that the key priority for success and competitive growth are the delivery of quality service and expertise to customers and its diversification.

  • Diversification
    Non-limiting loan funds to all sectors of Cambodia's growing economy
  • Research & Development
    Establishing an SME Business Development group to work with leading local and international economists, financial institutions, and scholars to understand the current trend and practices
  • Pricing
    Monitoring credit pricing of global and regional financial markets
  • Marketing & Promotion
    Publishing quality and professional documentation for outreach and general use
  • Credit Risk Management
    Assessing client's portfolio and regular monitoring of client's performance
  • Human Resources
    Recognizing outstanding staff and building a culture of team work and corporate image
  • Information Technology
    Modernizing technology to make employees and clients more efficient
  • Internal Control
    Performing regular internal audits to comply with national laws and ensure transparency to clients



With First Investment Specialized Bank (FISB) no discrimination policy, taking a loan for your business is fast and easy. FISB is one of the first specialized banks established in the Kingdom of Cambodia with an initial capital of 3.8 million dollars in 2005 and with its strong growing reputation, the bank’s capital has risen to over 12 million in first quarter 2008. The list of FISB's benefits set the competition apart:


First Investment Specialized Bank Ltd.

Ninety-nine percent of our clients are approved for loans making First Investment Specialized Bank (FISB) one of the most reliable and trusted banks in Cambodia. Whether you are taking a $5,000 loan to improve your fishery business or a $400,000 importing construction materials, if you have the ambition, we have the funds.

Financial Services

At First Investment Specialized Bank our business is to provide loans and services with the highest level of professionalism and quality. Our loan services are divided in two departments – commercial loans, and SME loans - based on the loan amount requested and the loan period.

Short and long term fixed loans are usually over $50,000 and not more than 24 months, whereas overdraft loans are usually under $50,000 and usually up to 12 months.

Receiving a Loan From FISB

Acquiring an FISB loan is fast, easy and hassle free. The client must demonstrate the following principles:

  • Ability to repay loan
  • Willingness to repay back the loan
  • Sufficient value of collateral

Targetted Loan Activity

FISB's loan activities include the following areas:

Agrico-Industrial Lending

  • Agricultural Lending
  • Agro-Food and Food Processing Industry Lending
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Commercial Construction & Infrastructure Lending
  • Commercial Entertainment & Leisure Industry Lending
  • Equipment Purchase Financing (Light and Heavy Industrial Equipment)
  • Industrial Project Lending

Personal Lending and Services

  • Personal Consumer Loans
  • Receivables Factoring
  • Transportation Vehicle Loans (Private & Business Vehicles)
  • Working Capital for Expansion & Growth

Educational and Technology Lending

  • Private University Lending
  • Information Technology Infrastructure and Services Lending
  • Telecommunications Equipment and Services Lending
  • Investment Funds for Expansion & Growth

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