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After operating more than 10 years in the Kingdom of Cambodia, we have a very thorough and extensive knowledge of all the risks incurred in living, working, traveling or investing in Cambodia.

As a broker we provide sound professional advice to cover your risks accurately and source from the market the best solution at the best possible rate. Liaising with a broker ensures you have the right cover at the right price and a real time support when you have claims. Should anything happen to you, you will simply make a local call 24/7 and you will find precious support to handle your situation.


AG Cambodia

Health insurance Cambodia

Health is likely to be at the top of your priority list, especially when living in a south east Asian sub-tropical country such as Cambodia. Moreover, the current medical and sanitation environment, though having made huge progress in the past decade, is still lacking facilities and expertise. Thus implying that in case of severe emergency, Bangkok remains the closest facility.

Health Insurance is your first insurance need whether for your family or for your corporate expatriate team. Healthcare costs can reach very high amounts and selecting the right plan that will respond to your needs can be quite an exercise: insurance companies do not provide the same coverage, they also don’t all have the same protocols, criteria and administrative process and premiums differ from a provider to another. Choosing the right plan is not easy and this is where AG Cambodia is her to help.

General Insurance in Cambodia

AG Cambodia is a fully licensed insurance broker, based in the capital Phnom Penh, drafting perfectly tailored solutions for both companies and individuals. Our long-term partners are among the most reliable insurers in Cambodia and International Reinsurance markets.

Our firm consistently seek the most reliable and competitive solution with our insurance partners to provide the best rate in the market. We manage your policy and handle your claims with our claim assistance team to protect your rights with your policy.

Contacting AG ensures you cover your risk accurately to avoid surprises when the loss happens, saves you time as we compare the market for you and provide precious claim assistance.

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