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Mon 27-Aug-2018 11:08 PM / Other Support Team / 3259

Aidbrand help centre is the best place to help our business partner who unclear how to use our website as well as encourage our users to do it the right policies and term. We invite our users going to check in help centre first before adding company or products. 

Step 1: click free register on the homepage or at the top right corner of any page. Step 2: enter your information related such as a photo, username, strong password, email address, phone number, etc. And then enter validation code then click on register. Step 3: once you receive the verification email then click on a link for confirmation.

Note: Make sure you enter the correct email address and don’t forget to check your junk or spam folder if you don’t receive the verification email.

To login into your account, please make sure you enter the correct username and password. Your password is case sensitive, so please check if your keyboard's Caps Lock light is on and also make sure there are no extra blank spaces in the password. Other solutions may include:

Delete cookies or change your browser or try the Password Retrieval process

Noted: If you encounter an error message saying, “Sorry, you do not have permission to use this account ”, Then please contact our team for an assist or try login again.

There are many reasons for your account to be unavailable, such as:
- Self-deactivation. In this case, we suggest you contact our support team.
- Deactivated due to the trading rules violation
- Due to security reasons, we temporarily locked your account to protect your information.

In order to add your company or agent with our site you just follow a simple step as below:

1. Login with your username and password 

2. Click on Company Profile and then click on Plus Icon 

3. Fill up your company/ agent information such as company name, location, business hours, contact information, logo and images, map as well as description about your company, service you provide and term and condition

The business owner required to upload company photos such as " Logo ", full of company photo and a banner which is followed photo size in structure.


The contact information is the best way for customers who interested in your product or service then they will contact you through Contact which you details.

Location is an important place that people easy to find your company whether the customer relies on to buy your product or service, not only by online their might interest your product and go to buy it directly at your place. So, we require business owner mapping the location carefully and correctly.

How to map it? first, go to and write your business name on it if you list your business on google place but if you do not list your business on google place yet you just write your location on google map copy and pass. Below is a short screen.

Then pass link which you copied to location box.

Noted: Please change the width from "600" to " 100%".

In order to authenticity to customers to buy the products, the business owner's required to pay attention into the customer service and always keep encourage them to leave a great experience for company or product which customer has experience. And any positive or negative customer feedback business owner’s need reply to the review promptly.

As part of Aidbrand member, we require business owner indication obviously any term and policies all products or service which list by business owner such as product returning, refund policy, damage item policy, shipping policy etc. These to be misunderstanding and complaining if there are not very clear remark.

Starting with the search engine optimization, your product content needs to be relevant and keyword rich, for being optimized for the search engines. If so, the customers using the keywords to find the products same as you are selling will see your product in search results as the search engine will rank your product up in search results once you have optimized the listings. For knowing which keyword has more volume and is most used by the customers, you may use the keyword finding tools such as Google AdWords. You may also conduct the research yourself and check what kind of keywords your competitors are using who are selling similar kind of products.

Product image- use high-resolution photos of the product that you are selling and that too from different angles to make your customer understand what are they buying exactly. Give them an idea about what your product is. Show the photos that justify your product description and features, if possible. 


Product and pricing are one of the most effective points that attractive to customers. It itself works as a promotion if you have a competitive, cost-effective price for your product, as compared to your competitors. Below is a structure of how to add a product which you should follow : 

First, log in to your account and click on " Product list " then you will see as the short screen below :

And then click on " Add product " after that if you wish to edit a product just follow a step below :

It depends on the service you provide or selling to fulfil the customer need.