Frequently Asked Questions

Sat 07-Jul-2018 02:07 PM / Other Support Team / 3850

Aidbrand's Frequently Asked Questions is available on our web page, we invite you to check it if you have any question unless you won't contact us. Aidbrand frequently asked question is created to assist our clients for undoubtedly using our electronic sites. 

Aidbrand is a commercial marketplace website which allowed business owner listing their business for free for growing and promoting business visibilities and brand awareness all size small, medium and large companies. Since we provided business owner usable full necessary functions thus there could list any products or services unlimited. 
Aidbrand mission is to provide an easy way to the customer with the wisdom of the growth of companies based in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand to help them decide where or which company have sale the product or service that they need with competitive price, quality, and reliable by customers. Aidbrand also compares prices from multiple business supplies sites so that the customer can find the lowest price on the products or services that are right for them.
Whether you have any queries regarding the product or service which lists by business owner we recommend you contact them directly within your convenience time. Unless you have an urgent matter or non-responding from business owner please contact our team for an assist.
Recently the online payment form is unavailable yet. Since you have any enquiries regarding the product or service we may recommend you contact the company's partner directly does there accept online payment or not.
We are not allowed you process payment after filing up an order form. When seller received your order information thereafter they will be responding you back immediately to verify such as product size, color etc. And the method payment which way you enable to do as well as how you will get the product.

For each product or service which list by the business owner there is an option that retailer cost and wholesale cost. Since we recommend you clarify to the seller that what option you are inquiring for, tend there will deliver you a right selling.

If you have not received your order, please contact seller immediately after product receiving schedule date.

You can cancel items or orders that haven't entered the shipping process yet. But please carefully read term and policies which provided by the business owner before you process buying. Read THINGS TO NOTED


When you received a product that not like what you have seen an order then please contact the seller immediately as ask them for product return and provide the reason why you need to return. Noted, the product return fee sellers may not responsible for that.