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Hotel Marketing Training Agent is the leading professional agent for hotel marketers and advocates for best marketing practice within the hospitality sector. Our key areas of focus include delivering training to anybody who wishes to learn how to design and target on hotel owner’s website efficiency, developing hotel reputation through the social network, select the right OTAs for your hotel booking as well as showcase what the uniqueness of your hotel provides to potential customers by email marketing.  
Our mission 
Hotel Marketing Training Agent helping members access the best programmers for learning, career development and professional qualifications. 
What do we do?
We have provides the course for training who wish to developing career to be professional on hotel marketing as how to optimize hotel owner’s website with the right target customers, how to promote hotel productivity on social media, which OTAs you should choose for increase hotel booking as well as what else you have to do with email marketing.


Hotel Marketing Training Agency

The hotel marketing and business are very different today from what it was 10 years ago (or even 3 years ago!). Travellers today use apps, not maps, they find recommendations on social media, not guidebooks, and they book vacations with just a few clicks. It’s no secret that the times are changing and your business’ success largely depends on your ability to adapt to these changes.

We’ve put together our top, most effective tips and tricks for the ultimate hotel marketing strategy that will guide your hotel in the direction of success!

Developing Your Hotel Brand Strategy

One of the most important components of your marketing strategy is to establish your brand identity. Think of your brand identity as how you were feeling coming out of college – unsure of who you are and where you’re going… or was that just me? The clarity came once you set yourself definable goals that were in line with what you wanted, what you wanted to see and where you wanted to go, and when you realized what type of person you wanted to be. Your brand identity encompasses all the things that you want your business to be and how you envision your business growing. Defining points like your unique selling point, your target market, goals, and your brand persona will help you clarify a strategy that is both on brand and in-line with your target market.

Defining Your Target Market

Look, you may have read or heard some conflicting views on this point I am about to make but defining your target market has to be your first step to developing your marketing strategy.

How can you create a strategy if you don’t know who you’re creating it for? Makes sense, right?

Your target market is made up of the customers that you want in your hotel. Dream of your ideal customer and let this thought flourish.

Here are some steps to help you get started:

Look at your current customer base: who did enjoy your services? Who did you enjoy serving? Do you have any returning customers? Why do they return?

Look at your competitors: are they doing anything to target specific groups? What kind of customer are they attracting? Is that in line with who you want to attract?

Look at your offering: does your pricing play a big role in attracting your customers? Or is it location? Do you offer services that would be beneficial to different tourists, like having staff that are fluent in Chinese?

Do some research into demographics

Demographics are factors such as age, location, gender, income level, marital or family status, ethnic backgrounds, and occupations that will affect your customer’s purchasing decision. By figuring out which of these factors make up your target market, you will be able to simply and focus your marketing strategy.


With any marketing strategy, you will find that you follow a circular flow – research, define, evaluate, question your decision and drink wine, and start again. Consider if you are happy with the target market you have defined, do these people need your services and if this target market is beneficial to your hotel.

Online Hotel Website Marketing

Creating brand awareness about your hotel is important and it all starts with your hotel website. It is considered as the most powerful marketing tool to generate direct sales. With the help of the hotel website, your visitors can find out all the important information about your hotel, see photos of hotel rooms, know what they should expect when they arrive and can make direct bookings.

Website Live Chat

 Live chat offers an instant communication channel between your hotel and potential customers. This tool can increase your conversions by at least 20 percent while effectively generating new sales leads through communication.

Hotel Booking Engine

A hotel booking engine is an application on hotel websites used to securely process online reservations. The purpose of a hotel booking engine is to allow reservations to be made:

Directly on your hotel’s own website and third party websites like Facebook, on which your hotel is listed.

No matter the size of your hotel, you need to allow guests to book rooms on these websites if you want to remain competitive and stay open for business. Travellers have come to expect this functionality from modern-day accommodation providers, appreciating the convenience and security it provides. This is because:

Guests can easily self-serve – checking which rooms are available when, and for how much – without ever speaking to you.

When guests make a booking, your booking engine can securely accept credit card payments to make sure you get paid.

All online bookings are safely stored in your booking engine so that all of your guest data is accessible in one place.

What are the benefits of using a hotel booking engine?

Booking engine for your hotel’s website helps you to attract, reach and convert guests direct. With the right booking engine in place:

  • You can increase conversions with a simple guest booking experience
  • You can save time with quick and easy setup
  • You can eliminate manual entry with instant integration
  • You can make better decisions with data

Social media platforms:

Today, people use multiple online platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to search best hotels. And therefore, in this digital world, it is not a good idea to ignore social media channels as it is one of the best marketing tools available to hotel owners. With the help of the social media channels like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can easily reach out to your audience by doing promotional post and paid advertising. Not only that, but it will also help you target other people in a specific location, with a specific interest or need.

 OTAs & Traveling Listing Sites

With over 76% of bookings happening through Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and travel listing sites, it is clear that they play a key part in your hotel marketing plan. But, don’t fall into the trap and let these platforms overshine your brand! Create a balance between the two so that your brand is the hero.

Grow Through Email Marketing

Email marketing can feature all of the wonderful selling points that your hotel has and enhance your relationship status with your customers. You are able to share your unique attractions and even promote potential bookings by creating callout boxes and aspects that will draw the readers’ eye to your sales funnels. Look to design a content calendar that will map out what each newsletter will highlight to reduce the risk of writer’s block. Here are a few things that you could look to include in your newsletters:

Noted: All key strategies above our team will training you how to uses it step by step!!!!!

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